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Aaron McGushion owns and operates McGushion Patent.  After obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Long Beach, Aaron McGushion worked as a design engineer in the semiconductor/aerospace industries, taking ideas from the initial concept to the finished product.  Afterwards, he worked with General Electric, Power Systems (now known as GE Energy) as a research engineer.  There, he worked on a variety of new technology projects, including NOx reduction catalysts, a naval shipboard incinerator, exploring CO instrument bias, and PM2.5 particle measurement techniques.  Currently, in addition to his patent practice, Aaron is an Associate Professor of Physics at Santa Monica College, teaching one physics class each semester.

Aaron has been working with patents and inventions for well over 10 years, before as an engineer and now as a registered patent agent.  As an inventor, he understands the inventing process and has been through it start to finish many times, developing inventions in many fields.

Let Aaron and our associated experts help you obtain strong patent protection for your unique inventions or discuss other options available if patenting is not the best choice.  We strive to honestly provide quality patent services at reasonable prices. 

To get started navigate to our Services page or call (562) 598-6418.

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